Day 22 – 2014

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Preparation time!

With the advent of the problems on my roof (storm damage before Christmas with more following the winds in February) the entire roof was stripped.  The idea was for it to be re-felted, re-battened and then reusing the slate that had been taken off to re-slate the roof, and maybe have to get another 100 slates or so.

But, no!

Damned cowboy roofers seemed to have taken the Michael somewhat.  The roof was felted and battened, but not with any accuracy. Then when the slates were put on it showed that the battens were out, instead of redoing the battens they only went and ran an angle grinder along the top of the slates so they could get then next course on.

The end result?

Having to replace all the slates…

End result – a not very happy me.

Spent Saturday with the roofers unloading the old slate from the roof and hoisting up new ones…

PS the picture here is of the old sorted which I did on Sunday – you can hopefully see the different length of the slate that was taken down.  The slate at the front right is full size so you can see how much has been taken off most of them. This is all preparation for a new and different creative project which should develop over the next week or so.